ELPRO delivers reliable and secure
communications for Flood Warning and Disaster Management Systems

Environmental Monitoring

Flood Warning

We all know what mother nature is capable of when it comes to extreme weather – particularly in Australia.  And we all sense that extreme events are becoming more severe.  If you combine this trend with increasing urbanisation the risk of extreme flooding is on the rise in all corners of the globe.  While you can’t prepare for every flooding outcome, you can at least be well informed.  Data and modelling are the key to being able to predict a severe flood and providing residents and authorities with the maximum preparation time.

For over 20 years, ELPRO has been a core part of Australia’s critical flood warning infrastructure.  Our ERRTSTM ALERT stations and complete end-to-end radio network has been responsible for collecting rainfall and river level data for the Bureau of Meteorology from over 5,000 sites.  During natural disasters and extreme events, it is not uncommon for the power grid and the mobile network to suffer extended outages.  An independent solar powered radio network however will continue collecting, logging and sending data through to authorities allowing them to operate forecasting models and formulate disaster management plans.  There are many instances where this has occurred in Australia.  Without visibility of rainfall and river levels, authorities would be forced to operate blindly.

ELPRO can provide a complete solution for a wide area Flood Warning Network consisting of:

  1. Base stations
  2. ERRTSTM field stations including a variety of sensors
  3. ALERTTM or ALERT2TM protocol decoders
  4. Ongoing maintenance and review on both a field and remote level
    When you choose ELPRO Technologies for your Flood Warning Network you can be confident that:
    1. Your network and data collection will continue to operate long after the power and telephone networks have failed
    2. Our best in class radios will ensure that even the most remote locations can be accessed reliably with good signals
    3. You’re dealing with the global leader in Radio based I/O networks with 35+ years of experience
    4. You have a single equipment supplier responsible for your entire network.  No more guesswork, no more cobbling a system together from different suppliers
    5. You also have the latest cyber security features which are also critical for a flood warning network.

Disaster Management

During a flood, management of the interface between people and floodwaters is critical.  Failures in this aspect can very quickly lead to a loss of life as people take decisions based on poor knowledge or information.  Authorities have worked to educate people of the hazards of floodwaters but local reminders and dynamic road signage are also essential to reinforce this at the critical moments.

ELPRO’s ERRTSTM field stations are also capable of forming the intelligent backbone for over the road alert systems that won’t stop working.  A system based on mobile telephony is always subject to failure.  A radio-based system is far more likely to operate under real disaster conditions.  ELPRO's unique IO Plus programmable capability can be used to program our ALERTTM and ALERT2TM field stations to activate water over the road alarms.  They can be setup as part of a network or they can operate independently on the basis of local sensor inputs only.  Either way, they can provide you with a robust backbone for reading sensor information and activating warning lights or boom gates in extreme situations.