Oil & Gas

ELPRO delivers reliable and secure
communications for oil and gas operations.

Oil and Gas Operations

Oil and Gas

ELPRO’s Industrial Wireless products solve a multitude of monitoring and/ or control problems within the Oil and Gas sectors.


  • Oil and gas well- head monitoring systems
  • Pipeline pressure, flow and valve monitoring
  • Cathodic protection/ leak detection monitoring
  • Underground gas storage monitoring
  • Pump/ compressor station control systems


  • Oil/ gas tank level gauging/ monitoring
  • Distribution pipeline pressure, flow and valve monitoring
  • Plant IP camera based security
  • Production emissions monitoring
  • Water and electrical utilities consumption verification/ monitoring
  • Pump/ compressor station monitoring/ control
  • Temperature profiling and monitoring
Oil well in the Texas Panhandle.

Tank level Monitoring

Remote monitoring of Oil and Gas Storage tanks provides real time accurate results of production reporting, reduces costs in installation and improves efficiency and safety by removing operators from being onsite and preventing potential overspills and inaccurate reporting.

ELPRO Wireless I/O Radios have been helping Oil and Gas operators in hazardous areas providing wireless connectivity for the management of storage tanks and custody transfer between storage tanks with their combination of Meshing I/O radios and low power I/O radios that can support differing protocols between instrumentation and plants DCS/SCADA systems.

Industrial Fuel Storage Tanks