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Aquamonix is pleased to announce that it has acquired Tonick Watering, a manufacturer of irrigation products based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK.  This represents the 3rd acquisition in three years by Aquamonix which supports the continued growth of Aquamonix in the water industry.  In particular, Aquamonix is excited by the opportunities represented in irrigation automation and the possibilities that the internet of things will bring to this space.

About Tonick Watering

Founded in 1996 by Tony Ware to produce innovative control products for the irrigation sector, the company now designs and manufactures innovative decoders to provide superior performance and reliability.  Tonick Watering is now widely recognised as an innovator and manufacturer of decoder technology for two wire irrigation systems and is used globally by major brands.  Tony in fact is known as Mr Two Wire!

About Aquamonix

Aquamonix was formed in 2015 by the successful buy out of several business units formally owned by US based Pentair, including Emflux Magflo Meters, Greenspan Water Quality Sensors and the RainMan Central Control systems.  In 2016, Aquamonix acquired the integration business from Pentair as well.  The acquisition of Tonick Watering Ltd will add a global presence to the Aquamonix business, and the increased investment and support will improve and enhance the range of Tonick control solutions.

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