Irrinet Serial translator

The Translator is a critical component of the Tonick Watering 2-Wire product range.

Tonick translators provide both the power and signaling to a range of field devices via a 2-wire pathway, and are capable of complex control and data collection. Tonick translators can be connected to your control system via a serial MODbus port or a simple multi-wire digital input interface.

The Irrinet Serial Translator is a true A/C 2-wire decoder for landscape applications, compatible with the Motorola ACE irrigation controller.

  • Two outputs that can be controlled independently
  • Each output can control up to 127 individually addressed decoders for a total of 254stations
  • A RS485 serial bus to communicate with a Modbus RTU protocol
  • Operation rated to ambient +70°C
  • Suitable for use with Tonick 2-wire TW/2W decoders, MK3 decoders and Decoder-In-A-Solenoid (DIAS)
  • Supports a range of sensor input decoders