DeVinci048 LoRa Gateway

The DeVinci048 LoRa gateway is a long range wireless radio device for the operation of remote latching solenoids.

The gateway has been designed to work with the RainWAN node to remotely operate latching irrigation solenoids for irrigation purposes.

The DeVinci048  has 48 digital inputs and one common wire. The wiring loom is wired directly into a standard multiwire irrigation controller. The 24VAC signal which would normally activate a solenoid in the field is instead used to signal to the Gateway to turn on the output on a corresponding RainWAN Node.

With diagnostics for monitoring the battery and signal strength of the remote RainWAN nodes, the gateway is a simple way of adding remote wireless valves to any irrigation controller.

  • Low power
  • LoRa wireless radio (4km)
  • Solar input
  • 12V dc battery input (SLA) with remote voltage monitoring
  • Modbus communications
  • Two reverse latching solenoid outputs
  • Two digital inputs supporting Closed Contacts / Transistor style inputs / pulse counting
  • Analog sensor input
  • Can be configured from a modbus master or RainMATE configuration utility