Tonick Product Range

Tonick Watering offers integratable products for landscape, golf and agricultural irrigation systems. Choose from our range of innovative technology to enhance the capabilities of irrigation system, there is a Tonick Watering solution for your application.

Tonick makes smart irrigation control easy!


At Tonick, we design, manufacture and support a range of innovative irrigation technology to allow our customers to monitor and control of their assets. Our customers rely on our products to better manage their operations on a daily basis. That’s why at Tonick we are dedicated to providing you new technologies to enhance your irrigation system today and into the future.

Our innovative technology can be used in a variety of applications, including irrigated agriculture, water infrastructure, commercial landscapes, smart cities and golf and sports turf.

Offering scalable solutions from basic irrigation control to large scale infrastructure deployments and covering all applications using Tonick Watering’s two-wire, wireless and measurement products.


A global innovator of smart irrigation control technology!