Smart Cities

Tonick decoder technology is at the heart of Smart City mega projects!

2-wire systems are very extensible and are the ideal choice for small or large scale projects.

Perth view

Decoder are ideal for large scale projects!

Open SCADA and smart data solutions for Smart Cities

Using irrigation application efficiency delivered by Tonick technology, Smart Municipalities can greatly reduce the amount of water used for landscape and turf irrigation, and in most cases improve the quality of the park, turf, trees and flower beds, all while saving on energy, operational and maintenance labor costs.

Tonick Watering's technology is unique in that it can be applied any level, from a 2-wire or wireless solution to bolt onto your existing system to a full end to end control system, including open SCADA and BMS compatible solutions.


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Download our case study of the open SCADA irrigation management solution in Abu Dhabi.