Bay Advance Control System

A versatile solution for the control of flood bay irrigation, the Bay Advance Control System schedules and controls flood irrigation in multiple bays using the RainWAN LoRa module.

This module reports when flood irrigation reaches field levels, so bays automatically close field valves at the correct time.

This ensures runoff is reduced and irrigation kept to optimum levels.

The controller features a web interface, which means the system can be monitored and managed remotely

  • Mains or solar power options available
  • Solar powered RainWAN field bollards for moisture measurements
  • Utlilizes RainWAN wireless network for valve control
  • Controller is supplied in an IP67 pole or wall mount enclosure
  • Web interface for configuration and monitoring
  • Cellular communications to controller
  • Up to 6 concurrently irrigating bays – each bay assigned an order number and the program will operate set number of concurrent bays following order
  • Rugged field bollard to prevent damage from cattle.


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