Ic Level PS70

The iC Level HIDEF is a new generation Level Sensor providing high definition and accurate measurement for a variety of liquids including water and hydrocarbon.

It is a high quality ceramic capacitance sensor with stainless-steel housing. Digital compensated technology ensures the accuracy keeps in 0.5%F.S at the whole temperature range.

The iC Level is made from stainless steel, and fitted with PE cable, making a very versatile sensor for a range of applications including,

  • Ground water
  • Water storage
  • Process water
  • PE cable (various lengths available on request)

Model Data: PS70, Two Wire Version
Input Voltage: 12-30 VDC
Output Signal: 4-20mA
Insulation: 100m Ώ@50V
Protection: IP68
Certificate: CE as standard
Response Time: 10ms
Pressure Range: 0.5 – 50m (H2O)
Pressure Form: Gauge (G)
Gauging: User Specified
Accuracy: 0.5% F.S.
Operating Temp Range: – 40 to +85 c
Sensor Diameter: – 28mm OD


Data Sheets

Spec sheet